Frequently asked questions
  • arrow_drop_down Do I have to buy a license?

    CountryCheck uses a license based system.
    This license can be acquired by contacting ComplyNow.

  • arrow_drop_down Which sources does CountryCheck use?

    CountryCheck uses information from FATF, the European Commission, OFAC, Transparency.org, the Dutch government, the UN and various other lists which are publicly available. To make it easy for you, CountryCheck combines all that information which gives you an instant view on the risks concerning clients from or based in other countries.

  • arrow_drop_down How will CountryCheck help me?

    CountryCheck provides you with up-to-date information about the position of countries, the risks that clients may form or risks that certain countries may form to you or your organisation. This will help you assess whether or not you should proceed with a transaction with your prospect who may be riskful and harmful.

  • arrow_drop_down Why should I use CountryCheck?

    If you are obliged to make a risk-assessment concerning international clients, relations and transactions CountryCheck is an easy solution to help you make the assessment.

  • arrow_drop_down Why does CountryCheck use this data?

    The sources used are worldwide the most used sources in AML risk assessments. We are dedicated to improving CountryCheck and welcome all sources that are reliable and useful for country risk assessments.

  • arrow_drop_down Will CountryCheck always feature the newest updates?

    Our CountryCheck team is dedicated to keep CountryCheck up to date, however, we have to rely on a large amount of sources and their timeliness.